Friday, June 18, 2004

A blogger kind of day...and Goodby Sam

I've just spent the last, oh dear gawd, 7 hours checking out all, or at least many, of the other bloggers in the San Diego area. There are quite a few of them as it turns out. What would be very cool would be finding a way, through, Orkut, or perhaps MeetUp, to get together once every so often to compare notes, as it were. Sometimes I try to avoid joining my electronic world and my real one, but in this case I think it would be rewarding to make an exception. I mean, even Joi and Doc get out and enjoy real world contacts now and then. If they can do that, and still produce the great blogs they put out every day, then so can I.

Earlier today, I risked serious damage to my arm reaching around to pat myself on the back for scoring much higher than I expected on the mid-term at Foundation College. Either the teaching was more effective than I realized, or I had a few more operational brain cells left to absorb knowledge than could be expected...considering how little care I've taken of that poor organ. Perhaps having to assimilate new information has revitalized it. Let's hope so, because the hardest part of the class lies ahead.

Tomorrow I have to take two of the three kittens birthed by the formerly feral cat who now lives happily in the back garden to the humane society. I'm not saddened by that, since I know they'll find good homes. They're both females, and very extroverted, and won't hesitate to win the first heart opened to them. Mom and son will stay here. Poor Sam, my 14 year old Malamute mix, is at the end of his stay with me. Sam's been a great friend for these last 11 years, and he'll be sorely missed, but to prolong his suffering would amount to cruelty. So probably within a month I'll have to have him put down. I long ago learned how to deal with the passing of my four-footed friends. Their lives are so much shorter than our own. It's important, if I'm to have animal companions, to learn to deal with their passing. I hope when my time comes, my friends and family will accept my own passing with equal joy at having known me, and no grief at what is a fact of life for us all.
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