Saturday, June 26, 2004

But is it worth it?

A lovely day...a truly beautiful day. A light breeze, 73°F and 65% humidity with light cloud cover. On days like this I know why so many people want to live here. But I still don't understand how most of us can continue to afford to live in San Diego. To rent a one bedroom apartment will usually set you back around $1000 a month. How does someone working in the service industry, like 7-11 or Burger King, manage to pay their rent, cover their ridiculously high utility bill, buy $2.50 a gallon gas to allow them to get to their lousy paying job and still have any money left to buy food? If all the service people were to move to Iowa tomorrow, would the rich and well-off in Rancho Bernardo and La Jolla starve to death from having to fix their own meals or walk themselves to death first because there wasn't anyone left to fix their $75000 cars? I suspect the rich around here don't realize that money can only provide a wonderful life if you can use some of it to pay the poorer folk to do the work you aren't capable of.
OK, I admit that I'm an idiot for allowing a train of thought like that to ruin a great day like today. But that's just the way my addled mind works.
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