Saturday, June 26, 2004

Chaos theory

A friend has informed me that by moving the entries from my website blog over to this one and leaving the original posting dates intact, I've created chaos. I realize that the orinial post explaining the move has been pushed way down the page, so I thought perhaps I should explain again so I wouldn't create even more chaos, because I suspect I'm at my limit for chaos creation this week.
I had 3 blogs going, which was at least one too many. So I moved all the content from the blog I had associated with my webpage over here, but left the original dates on each entry so the relation of content to outside events would remain consistant. The date at the top of each entry is the original one, the date at the foot of the entry is the date/time I moved it over. There...clear as mud.
Now the only other blog I'm using is a 30 day trial of Blogware, which is associated with Lockergnome. I like the layout just fine, but I'm not sure with my current financial situation I can justify paying even $10 a month for a blog.
For what it's worth, I wouldn't recommend tacking a blog onto a website, unless you can afford Movable Type or something similar. Otherwise, like me, you'll have to wait until you're home, on your own computer, with access to your web authoring software (Dreamweaver, Front Page, Nvu, whatever) before you can make a blog entry. Not good. A real pain in the patoot. Stick with something that allows you to blog from anywhere, on any computer. Keep it all web based, and you'll never be locked out of your blog.
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