Monday, June 21, 2004

Gee, you've got mail...

Thanks to AdmiralJustin at Lockergnome, I now have a Google mail account. That makes two beta services from Google I'm involved with, the other being Orkut. What's cool about this is, one, I now have an email account with the same name as my web page (consistancy is the first step toward name recognition), and two, it should be nearly impossible to ever, in my lifetime, even approach the storage limit of this account.
As a former AOL beta tester (I've since received absolution), I don't mind trying out new apps and services. It's actually kind of fun to tweak things until they break, knowing that in doing so you're actually making it a better app or service for others down the road.
Does knowing that my emails will be scanned for the purpose of adding AdSense to every email I send out bother me? No. If I really wanted privacy for my email, I'd encrypt it. I just make sure I never send out anything I wouldn't want anyone else to see. Guess that disqualifies me from ever working at Enron.
So email me at Let's take this puppy for a good, hard test drive.
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