Friday, June 25, 2004

The last of the blast from the past

June 17th, 2004

I'm sure you realize that not only am I new to blogging, but that I'm learning as I go. Well, one thing I've learned as I've gone along is how much it sucks to have a blog attached to your website, one that isn't being updated through Movable Type or some such software. I have to use web authoring software, like DreamWeaver or Nvu (the same apps I use to update my web page, which you may have noticed has become a frequent activity of late), and those apps are only available from my own computer. So when I'm at school, and there's a computer sitting there in front of me on a DSL network, all I can blog to is my Blogger site. Even though I often have Gromet with me, it's not always convenient to set it up in class. Nor does my wireless modem work very well inside a building like the Xerox building, with who knows how many wireless networks being broadcast above me. So if you're thinking of getting involved in this interesting world of blogging, go with Blogger, or pay the cash and get set up with a service that will allow you to blog from any computer you may have access to. With the Linux Fanatics site to keep fed, and my Blogger account available to me from anywhere, this blog is going to suffer I fear. I mean, come on, there's only 37 hours in a day, and I need at least 4 of those for sleep. Let's hear a cheer for caffeine!
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