Friday, June 25, 2004

The Linux Desktop Summit revisited

April 24th, 2004

I spent the last two days at the Desktop Linux Summit 2004, sponsored by Linspire at the Del Mar Fairgrounds just north of San Diego, California.
Those who know me may be asking why a fellow with less than a year's experience using Linux on a full-time basis would be interested in attending such a conference.

It's because, even after such a short time as a regular Linux user, I've come to appreciate the complaints and concerns of those who are far more involved in the user's experience with this operating system. As I am currently without a job, spending two days at a summit seemed like a chance to meet with other penguin-lovers and gain some insight I could pass along to my friends at the forums of Scot Finnie's Newsletter and Lockergnome.

The best presentation of the entire event, in my own opinion, was given by Doc Searls ( . It was a follow-up to his presentation at last year's summit, which I'm sorry I missed. The point of his talk was that Linux needs to become the Chevy Cavalier of the operating system world. If that confuses you, good. Because that means you'll come back to read my expanded comments on his talk, and the others, that I'll be posting over the next couple of days.

It's was a fun two days. I met several interesting people and made up my mind that if at all possible I will be at next year's summit.

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