Friday, June 25, 2004

My berry-berry good month

June 5th, 2004

This last half of May and beginning of June have been "berry berry good to me". Ironically, while my opportunities to be involved with the internet and the web have increased, the additional responsibilities have left me less time to actually make use of my added accesses. In late May I was moved up to an administrator role in both the Lockergnome and Scot Finnie's Newsletter forums, and am now writing entries for the Lockergnome Linux Fanatics blog. I also changed the look and layout of most of the pages of Getting used to the admin control panels, setting up the Linux blog and finding additional writers for it and changing my site's layout has taken so much time that my own blog and really bad advice page have been totally ignored for too long. But I promise you, my loyal reader (you are still there, aren't you?), that will be corrected presently. I can't say the content will be any better, but there will be more of it.

I've also been suffering from philosophical depression. Thirty-five years ago I was a campus radical, protesting everything from the war to oppression of minorities. I had such high hopes for our country. It's so sad to see those same issues being debated still. The bigots, isolationists and racists are still with us, and thanks in part to the internet I love, have found a new soapbox from which to spout their hate and intolerance. In the meantime we have made strides toward moderation, inclusion and tolerance, but certainly not the great strides we should have been able to accomplish in over three decades. And war, as history teaches us, is always with us.
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