Tuesday, June 22, 2004

One of those mornings

It's one of those mornings when sleeping just seems like a waste of time. Five hours ought to be enough, anyway. I couldn't sleep because suddenly I've got a whole lot on my mind. A partial solution to the unemployment situation was presented to me late last night, and of course my brain immediately went into overdrive looking at all the possibilities and permutations of the offer. It will involve selling advertising in a venue I believe in fully, so it's not like I'll be advocating something I don't support. But it will require time, and between my online commitments and school, I want to be sure I'll have the time required to do justice to the job. It will also involve working for a fellow I admire and would not want to disappoint. So I need to be sure that I can really do this job and do it as well as I want. It's often hard to work for family or friends. The work becomes more significant and personal. But I have high hopes that this may become a great opportunity not only to make a bit of money, but to get further involved in online technology. Beware: impending total geekiness ahead.
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