Friday, June 25, 2004

San Diego bloggers and RAW

June 16th, 2004

I just found out there's a web blog of fellow San Diego bloggers ( How very cool. I'm starting to travel around more often with my laptop and wireless Ricochet modem, yet I often fail to stop and blog a thought or observation when I really should. By the time I get somewhere I do set up Gromet (the laptop), I've forgotten what I wanted to mention. Frustrating to the max. To capture the moment, I've got to be ready. It's good to know other's are catching the weirdness that is San Diego. Now I need to do my share. After all, I'm a native. I've seen this city grow from a collection of small neighborhoods into this large, overgrown metropolis that it is today. S.D., I hardly recognize ya.

Over on Boing Boing (, David Pescovitz has a post regarding Robert Anton Wilson, who was evidently as much an inspiration to David as he was to me. If you've never read anything by RAW, and you love a good conspiracy theory, run out to your local bookstore right now and grab a copy of just about any book he's ever written. If you have read him, you'll understand why my own thinking is so twisted. RAW has the rare ability to take a subject already beyond rediculous and making it fantastically believable.
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