Friday, June 25, 2004

Wil Wheaton and communities

May 5th, 2004

In his blog yesterday, Wil Wheaton mentioned how impressed he was with the response to his story about the health problems his cat was having. I just had to reply with the following;

Quoteing Wil, "over the last few years, we've shared more than just information. We've shared kindness, and support, and love, and all sorts of that tree huggin' hippie crap that I wish there was more of in the world."

I replied, "I agree. Last year I couldn't have been more proud, or inspired. After a hurricane took the roof off the house of one of the admins on a forum I moderate, 5 of our members got together, drove to her house, and spent the weekend putting a new roof up. No one got paid, but everyone got fed, and a great time was had by all.
It's great every time we see a virtual community extend it's reach to become a positive force in the real world.
It really is an amazing thing. Usually you only hear about geeks getting out of the house to attend conferences or 'fests. Just goes to show we're not all glued to our computer chairs. Now if we could just get our local LUG's to get out in the real world and start showing those who don't show up at their monthly install-fest how functional a Linux computer can be. Yes, you can work on your tan while still supporting our virtual communities."

I got to thinking tonight about all the abandoned websites, blogs, forum posts and stray files out there on the web, in all the various domains...on all those servers...and couldn't help thinking of space junk. Nothing to be concerned with, it's only a small bolt, until you see it coming at you at several tens of thousands of miles per hour. We need a way to pick up this electronic trash, to dispose of all the cyber litter. I sure don't want to be surfing the web one day and encounter an unforseen "My First Website" tossed out into cyberspace like a half-smoked cigarette butt. I've got a mean machine here, and I'd hate to suck one of those "Last Updated in MS-DOS" sites into the intake at mach speed.
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