Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Back in that sad hole, again

My apologies to Gene Autry and Ray Whitley.
So tomorrow is the last day of class. Set up Windows Server 2000 and a local network, a final exam...then it's all over, fini, done. Friday becomes another weekend day, then Monday I return to my latest occupation, professional resume submitter. At some point this weekend I'd like to get my resume posted to my website ( so all you kind folk who are good enough to come by for a laugh or two can tell all your friends about my numerous talents and abilities and help me find gainful employment in this new arena I'm trying to enter, PC help desk or an entry level IT department. After years of management in the music, and before that, grocery industry...I'm eager to turn my passion for computers and the internet into a career. It's not an easy transition for me to make. I don't make a habit of jumping from job to job. My last two jobs lasted 8 and 13 years. so this is the first time in 9 years I've gone searching, and only the second time in 21 years. Obviously, I want to find the right job right away. Yet I know that in reality that's not likely to happen. As a former manager, I have a bit better idea of how companies function, and what elements of a job are the most important than many applicants. That might come in handy during future interviews. Humility aside, I really am a hard working, dedicated employee. And my time with both the forums I moderate and administer will give me an advantage when it comes to knowing what to expect from a customer service environment.
One way or the other, come Monday, I'll begin to get an idea of how well my hopes will be met. Wish me and all my fellow graduates good luck, won't you? 8-)
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