Sunday, July 11, 2004

Back to blogging

In my other blog today I quoted Kevin Marks' comments on what makes for an interesting blog, and as an editor at Technorati he should know. I also confessed that this blog doesn't meet the criteria of what even I would consider a worthwhile blog. Yet I persist in adding content to it, while refraining from recommending it as reading to anyone but my friends and family...and not even all of them.

At heart I am a writer. In high school I managed, until caught, to publish the first, and as far as I know only, underground newspaper ever distributed on that campus. I mimeographed copies of it in the teacher's lounge during lunch, passing them out freely the next day. In college I wrote both poetry and television screenplays. I'm the kind of guy who writes letters to the editors of local papers and gets them published. It's in my blood. The only thing I haven't tried is writing my elected representatives or the president. I like to know my writing, however poorly executed, will at least be seen. Writing to "The Hill" is an exercise in futility. I really don't need a machine-signed form-letter reply from the pres to hang on my wall, knowing damn well he never came within a mile of the computer screen my missive appeared on for its 5 seconds of life.

So I'll keep adding the occasional entry here, detailing my feelings about the oddities of life as I encounter them.

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