Saturday, July 24, 2004

New friends

The other night the WebSanDiego bloggers had a meetup, and for the first time since becoming aware of the group, I was able to attend. Only 6 people showed up and we had a good time sharing our URLs with one another and discussing blogging in general. Perhaps the best part of the evening was making a new friend. Ali just moved here from Toronto, and originally hails from Persia. Ali is a very interesting man, with a great many interests and a profound knowledge of his home country's political and social issues. Talking to him for an hour or two was very enjoyable. I hope he can come to future meetings and I can learn more from him. If you read Persian, be sure to go by his blog and check it out. Even if you can't, you may enjoy the beauty of the Persian language as it's presented on his site.
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