Thursday, August 19, 2004

Emotional Rollercoaster

This week has certainly taxed my emotional stability. Yesterday Sam and I said our final farewell (after he'd won about 8 more admirers at the Vet's office...I tell you, his eyes were magical) then today I received the phone call I've been waiting for over a year. An offer of a real, full-time job. It's a help desk position for Gateway Computers, and it's in the United States! 8-D The pay is half what I made at my last job, but I can live with that for the time being. I've never had a job where I stayed at my starting wage more than 3 months. Yes, I'm self-confident and aggressive in going after better positions. But I'm also more comfortable leading than following, and most of my former employers noticed that after a while. Considering the last two computers I've torn down to the motherboard and rebuilt have been Gateway's, I'm pretty familiar with their hardware. Now I've got to get back to boning up on my knowledge of Windows. I've been trying to learn Linux so much that I've somewhat neglected my Windows partition. No more. I've got 3 days to review my basic A+ stuff, then start on the really hard parts.
This is good for two reasons. I really did need a job, and a job in a field I'm already passionate about. More importantly, I needed a distraction from the empty porch...the missing bark of welcome...those eyes.
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