Thursday, August 05, 2004

The rise of Technocracy

Chris Pirillo is going to kick off a new channel dealing with Technocracy soon, and he's going to allow me, Mike (my good buddy from Lockergnome), Georganna and David (fellow members of WebSanDiego) to be the initial contributors. So what the heck is a Technocracy channel? It's going to be a webblog and newsletter covering every aspect of the affect that the web has on our daily lives. We'll talk about how the Internet has impacted religion, government, business, education, the workplace, the schoolroom, even interpersonal relationships. If it's technology and it touches our lives, we'll dig up the stories and give you the links.
I'm excited about this because I've come to be quite interested in the future of technology in our lives. From the interactive home to the ability to communicate across physical borders, the Internet is going to have dramatic effects on our much more than it has already. Now that we have a vehicle that makes it possible for every person on the planet to have a voice, nothing will ever again be quite the same. Even the humble blog is becoming more than a way for anyone to share their thoughts and opinions with us all. It's becomming the "news source" of a wired generation. Stories will be blogged well before the major news outlets can get their stories written, polished and in the hands of their talking heads for the 6 o'clock broadcast. Blogs have become the new "Stars and Stripes" for our men and women in combat zones. We can now hear voices previously silenced by repressive governments.
Technocracy is the future. The Internet is the future. I think that's very kewl.
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