Friday, October 01, 2004

Coming soon...

As of today, I'm the proud owner of the domain name. This is the first step in my determination to carve out my own little niche on the World Wide Web.

Those of you who know me as Jeber may wonder why Jebers. Once I have the site up, you'll see that I intend to use that in the possessive, and the site's name will be Jeber's Help Desk.

Lest you think I only intend to make the site computer-centric, I'll let you in on some of my thinking in regards to the planned content of There certainly will be computer help offered, both for Windows and Linux. Now that I'm involved in offering computer help both for a living and as a pastime, I'm coming across information every day I want to pass along to others. At work I'm totally in a Windows environment, one that covers every operating system from 95 to XP, and eventually, if it ever gets released, Longhorn. At home, I'm using and learning about Linux. Both have their strengths, both have their weaknesses. Both are far more complex than the average user ever notices. While trying to stay focused on the everyday user, I'll also try to include content for the more advanced. But that's only half, perhaps three-quarters, of what I want to include on my new site.

There will also be humor. I intend to eventually incorporate my "Really Bad Computer Advice" page into the site, and open it for contributions from my friends. There will also be some of the lighter moments of life at a real-life help desk. I hope you'll get a chuckle out of some of the things we hear and situations we deal with on a daily basis. Humor is such a wonderful thing. It's gotten me through some very tough times, and I value the benefit it can bring into our lives. I really enjoy bringing humor into my life, and yours.

Finally, Jeber's Help Desk will offer personal help. This is an area I've been trying to figure out how to explore for many months. I am both a licensed minister in the state of California and an atheist. For those of you who may think you see a glaring inconsistency there, let me elaborate. I do believe humans are special creations, as are all living things on this planet. I do not believe we are the creations of a supernatural power. I do not believe we were created for some purpose known only to a select few. I believe all life is an amazing coincidence, something that could only occur one time out of a billion. That makes all life special and unique. If we were simply the good idea of a supernatural power, doesn't it make sense that power would have repeated that practice elsewhere? Yet we have thus far failed to detect any other life anywhere in the known universe. I accept that is because trillions of factors have to be "just right" to produce what we know as life. So I value all life very highly. Every living thing is like a fingerprint, never repeated exactly the same. And as a human myself, I have a special affection for my own species. I think humans are wonderfully complex, interesting and generally nice to know. But we are also social animals, and as such suffer many problems caused by our need to fit into a societies that often don't produce happiness in our lives. I want to do my small part to increase the happiness in the lives of those who stop by In my 50 years, I've had my share of good times and bad, and I've learned a lot from those I've met along the road. I want to not only share what I've learned, but to provide a venue for others to share the wisdom they've gleaned over the years as well. I hope to set up a forum at some point to allow my friends (and anyone who visits with good intentions is a friend) to share their knowledge of computers as well as their knowledge of the human existence. My goal is to make everyone who visits smarter and happier by the time they leave.

Don't go racing over to just yet. It may be several days before I even have a chance to set up the general design of the place. Even then there will be frequent changes and tweaks until I get it into the shape I desire. Josh knows exactly what I mean (he's my secret source of all good web design advice...not that I follow his lead as often as I should). Meanwhile, enjoy my blogs and I'll be adding content to all of them in the next day or two.

Be happy, compute...and stay tuned.
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