Wednesday, November 24, 2004


That, my friends, is the sound of relief. Smiley
I went to a job interview this morning, filled out the application and various other forms and took a test on networking support. I was quite concerned about my ability to pass a networking test. Networking is perhaps my weakest subject, having spent less than a week at school covering the subject. So the last few days I've been reading up on the OSI model, TCP/IP, wireless networking, routers, LANs, WANs, WENs... My eyeballs are swimming in acronyms. On top of that, I was told that I could only miss 5 questions on the test to qualify for an interview. Let's just say I wasn't planning on being interviewed.
Imagine my surprise when I was.
Then I was told that there weren't any more of the part-time positions that I had applied for, but since I was interested in full-time, they'd see if there were any available. "We'll call you" I was told. That's often not a good sign in my experience.
Less than an hour later, I got a call.
Starting Monday, I'll be attending a week of training for my new, full time position as a support technician for Aradiant Corporation, working on the D-Link support team.
I still don't know how well I did on the test...but you can bet I'm still studying my networking books. I'm taking notes now. Grin
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