Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, it was ugly, and at times it looked like the little varmint would escape the fate in store for it, but last night I decided to kill off the blog attached to my Jebers.com website. It clung desperately to life, refusing to be deleted from my host as a unit, forcing me to go in and rip out its guts one file at a time.
I never read what I call "blah-blah" blogs. You know, the ones that are filled with entries that read, "Today I bought new shoes. They're really cool" or other topics that mark them as totally personal blogs. I don't mind them, or think they somehow devalue blogging, I just don't read them. I try hard to make my postings fun to read, and as I'm operating on just a few remaining brain cells (did I mention I'm getting older and should have taken better care of myself?) I'm finding it enough to try and maintain my four main blogs, two on Blogger and two on Type Pad. Each has its own purpose, but JHD-blog didn't. It consisted of entries better posted to my forum. Since I couldn't justify its existence, I knew it must die.
This incident made me aware of another reality. As much as I like and use WS_FTP, there are times that the FTP function built into Power Desk 6 functions so much better. Working with a folder on a remote site as if it were on your local drive is intuitive and easy.
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