Thursday, December 23, 2004

Blog about a blog about blogging

Take a few minutes and read this Shovelware entry in which Mark Dery shares his thoughts on what constitutes an interesting blog. He even wonders if the term "blog" isn't just ugly and awkward enough to qualify for improvement. I would add that the term "blog" has now become a pejorative term in the general population, spoken with more than a little smirk in the tone. It makes me apologetic when I mention my blogs. "Journal" at least has maintained a bit dignity.

I agree with much of what Mark writes. I'm more a fan of the one-voice blog, even though bOING-bOING and Fark are two of my favorites. But they don't give me a sense that I know the person behind them. I'd still rather read Doc Searls, Joi Ito, Chris Pirillo, and even Mark Dory. I still enjoy a conversation, even when it's electronic. Dave Berry's blog gives you a very general view of what qualifies as interesting to him, but that's it. Doc shows you pictures out his window, then discusses the current state of online publishing, or his recent trip to England. Always interesting, always personal.

But I haven't gotten caught up in the "newsy" blogs much. I admire those with enough time and the proper connections to be able to practice electronic journalism that's as good or better than that provided in print or on television. -I like that major news services are having to credit bloggers with having broken a few important stories, or at least providing the flame that begets the fire. And I'm not surprised or bothered by the bias expressed in their coverage. It's that personal voice thing again. But I'm more philosophical than topical, so I simply don't read that many of them. I do like Andrew Sullivan, because he'll speak forth on esoteric and often unpopular themes.
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