Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No, the crises ain't over

But I was getting tired of that online mid-life crises thing. It was one of those "good ideas at the time".

Instead I decided to give this blog a more general title, the name I would have given to my bar in the Bahamas had life taken me in that direction. But I never got to be another Jimmy Buffett. Hell, I never got to be another Warren Buffett. Just another cat in cyberspace.

My love for jazz is the inspiration for the Juke Joint subtitle. If I'd have been around in the 40's, I'd have had a juke joint downtown somewhere, a smokey place with live jazz and beer, conversation and marijuana. Basie and Mingus hanging out in the back room, while Peterson held the stage for a set or two. Red neon and Blue Moon.

Oh yeah...dig it
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