Thursday, December 30, 2004

San Diego gets weather for San Diego - Local: "(San Diego, CA) -- For the second-consecutive day, heavy rains and gusty winds caused blackouts throughout San Diego County. SDG&E officials say most of the outages occurred between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., leaving a total of about 82 thousand homes and businesses without electricity. Hardest hit were Logan Heights, City Heights, Encanto and the College areas. The public is being urged to stay away from downed power lines. Crews are working as quickly as possible to restore service. For an update on outages in your area, visit
See, we do occasionally get real weather. Rain, winds, darkness...we'll be talking about this week for the next six months. Any weather outside the usual 50-70 degrees, light winds, sunny makes the news for ages afterwards. Of course our inches of water pales in comparison to the tsunami-affected areas of the world. Tidal waves are things of our nightmares. Living along the coast as we do, it's a frequent worry, and always a possibility. Even here I understand we had 8 foot waves as a result of that earthquake. Amazing.
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