Monday, January 01, 2007

Test results

My test post went well, as did the switch over from the old Blogger to the new Googlfied Blogger. So I guess I'm ready to resurrect this, my oldest and original blog.

I'm a huge fan of the blog concept. Blogs are the first realizations of a true world democracy. Whether that is for good or ill still isn't known. So far I perceive the positives as outweighing any negative aspects.

I don't expect that the Chinese government, perhaps even our own, would agree with my statement. But that in itself is encouraging. Governments are legitimate only as far as they pay attention to the needs of their citizens. Now, the citizens have a way to let their needs, concerns and attitudes be heard. The internet could very well be the impetus for a worldwide democratic revolution. No longer do groups of people have to suffer in silence. On the web, every voice has an equal chance of being heard.

Even yours.

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