Sunday, July 22, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

A very good friend of mine inspired me to read back through this blog today, and I happened across this entry, created 3 years ago to the month. Amazing. I find myself in nearly the same position once again.

My Mom is currently in the hospital and soon to be living in an assisted-care facility, so I'm being forced to consider moving, which will entail finding a new job as well. Since I moved her in with me 3 years ago, her retirement pay has gone toward offsetting the rent here. That support is ending, as we need to divert funds to her care now. The pay I receive, while above minimum wage, is insufficient to allow me to rent another place in the ridiculously expensive city.

I hope this doesn't become a habit; every three years having to post that I'm soon to be homeless and unemployed.

These are times that try men's souls, as it were. If I were ever to doubt my atheistic conclusions, days like this provide the opportunity. How nice it would be to think that some super-being would swoop in and make everything better. How comforting it would be to dump all my problems in the cosmic lap of this being and expect him to fix them. But I'm not tempted at all. Reality may not be all that comforting or pleasant, but it is reality. I will muddle through this current situation much as I always have, depending on myself and my friends and family to find a resolution. No guarantees, no promises, no hope in mythical beings. I can only be determined and thankful for the help I get.
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