Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Readin' and writin'

A friend of mine made me realize yesterday that as hard as it is to keep up with reading all the blogs of interesting people I know, the real challenge is creating the content, writing the posts, for the blogs I own.

Honestly I much prefer to read other people's ideas than to write down my own. My own ruminations don't surprise me or cause me to think of things in a new light. Other people's ideas often make me pause and reconsider my own opinions.

I one of those people who think more than speak, and when I do speak, I try to say something thoughtful and considered. I value words and interpersonal communications. I dislike idle talk and babbling. Foolish though it may be, I tend to waste money and time more than words. In the past I've usually only posted something after I've thought about it a good deal and have a conclusion I can defend. As a result I tend to keep most of my random thoughts to myself.

Yet I realize that if I keep my own thoughts to myself my blogs will get really boring really fast.

Until Google sees fit to allow me to import my postings to Google+ into this blog, I'll make every effort to post a little something more often than has been my past practice. Some days it may read more like Twitter postings. I may only post seeds of ideas, stray thoughts that haven't fully been considered. Perhaps they'll serve as a means to a broader conversation.
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